Dear colleagues,
It is with great pleasure to announce that the “16th International Hematology Expert Meeting” will take place from 11th–13th May 2023 in Malága, Spain.

Due to the importance of keeping the regularity and consistency of IHEM®,
we as CEMPO decided to offer IHEM® as a hybrid meeting.

This educational event brings together leading MPN experts from across Europe
and the US to present and discuss recent scientific advancements and their impact
on clinical practice in management of Myeloproliferative Neoplasm.

The main focus of this meeting is on:

  • Molecular Mechanisms of MPNs
  • Clinical Aspects of PV and ET
  • Other MPN
  • Management of special situations
  • Patient topics

The experience shows that IHEM® is of high scientific interest and very much
appreciated by the hemato-oncological community! We are very confident that together
we will again offer a professional and well-prepared digital meeting to
the hemato-oncological community!

Registration for joining virtual IHEM® is now open here on!
After successful registration you can participate in our three-day live webinar.
Additionally, the site provides access to current and past events, their content, and recordings.

Looking forward to your registration!

Heinz Gisslinger, MD
Chair of scientific committee