International Hematology Expert Meeting (IHEM®)

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Dear colleagues,

IHEM® brings together leading international MPN experts and the MPN community to exchange about recent scientific developments and their impact on clinical practice.

Registration for online participation in the 18th IHEM® 2025, which will take place from May 8 – 10 in Sitges, Spain will be open from January 2025.

The main focus of this meeting is on:


Molecular Mechanisms of MPNs


Clinical Aspects of PV and ET


Other MPN


Management of special situations


Patient topics



The major highlights of IHEM® 2024 were a focus session on molecular response and its clinical relevance, AI led diagnostics, young MPN patients as well as discussions about comorbidities and drug toxicities. This year, CEMPO exchanged about clinical cases and real-world evidence during the first CEMPO Symposium. After successful registration and login, you will find access to the contents and webcast of current and past events.

Heinz Gisslinger, MD
Chair of scientific committee